Lyrics: Spex - Who feels it knows

From the album 'Rhymziwrote' (2000)

Verse one:

My love for the mic / is the type that hurts
But I don't want it to stop/ sounds ironic but works
And I feel its worth/ when I bless a beat that's fast
If slow I break it down to syllables, beats then bars
At every turn I check for eyes/ filled with envy
Cos mighty men in their plenty/ have fallen down in jelousy's
Hands…it's life so bite the cherry
Don't listen to me vainly/ I'm a charm, lucky like pennies
They say death is fair/ and life isn't
Old folks spoke through scriptures so I listened
Hold the power of life not living/ with mind prisoned
So righteous I try swimming through a sea of sinning
Like walking a tightrope, try not falling in and
I'm meeting sexy women and I'm swimming in them
But time shared can contrast the street life trust
Cos slugs rip guts over cheap sly sluts

Verse two:

What does it mean to have a soul/ and not heal the wounded
To have wealth in gold/ but not feel fulfillment
To have known/ but not seen the realness
Life's cruel events is all you need to kill men
Joe, you know reality…it bites like frost
Luxurious while soft/ but also life costs
Death's around the corner to cut good times short
Life is love found and love lost
It is what wasn't and what can be
Missed chances in the past but now can see
Many stones unturned and many new paths to follow
Many knows unlearned so baby do thank tomorrow
For time to surround yourself with cozy fences
Remember finer things give illusive confidences
In life minor things have major consequences
It's about the legacy you're living for your decendents .

Verse Three:

The streets scream/ shrieks of horror and joy
Mercedes gleams/ highlight the unemployed
Made it against the odds/ so black drivers flash
It defeats dreams/ but a celebration no less
Early waking for cash/ the young sons facing it
Put their weight in it/ that merc they're taking it
Like that I'm making it/ but only through my fans
One day my music must pay me in kruger rands
Non fiction/ many still struggle with diction
One reason/ why hip hop is not really hitting
But no friction/ get my cassette and then listen
I bet after that men stutter like bad ignition
For sure it's like that/ but besides that
Religion, drinking, money, killing, crime, sex
Can sidetrack/ a man's calculated steps
I mic check/ and kick calculated raps


Stones unturned/ and many new paths to follow
Knows unlearned/ so baby thank tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
Who feel it knows.

2002 ©