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If you're a regular to you will already know about Zimbabwe Legit, the Zimbabwean brothers who released an EP produced by Mr Lawnge (Black Sheep) in the early nineties on the Hollywood Basic label. Marketed as 'real African rap by real Africans' (according to the promo sticker on the sleeve), it was the first time for African hip hop to be exposed internationally. The EP was much sought after since it also featured a dj Shadow remix, and these days anything that reads 'dj Shadow' is worth a lot on ebay. So last year some English guys did a bootleg of the 12 inch.

Originally intended to be released in 1993, these will finally see the light with a proper, official release through Glow in the Dark records, and the Miclife label for Japan.
On the US release there are 11 tracks, only four of which were ever available. When asked whether they are going to perform ever again as Zimbabwe Legit, Dumi (one half of ZL) said that they will launch in NYC, LA and Washington DC after his brother Akim will be back from touring Thailand with a dance company.

Pics: the US release cover (right) and the Japan release (below)

Unless you live in Japan where the cd is out this month, you'll have to wait until June to get the album from stores. But Zim Legit were so kind to send us a megamix which gives an idea of what is to come... Energetic early nineties feel with a different twist, we even heard some Nigerian afrobeat sampling. The re-release comes at the right time because internationally there's a big demand for unreleased classics, and since it's a lost African hip hop album there is a double interest.

Listen now!
You can download the Megamix right here in mp3 format (right-click to download)!

Meanwhile, also look out for the self-titled debut album Of Unknown Origin, the group existing of Dumi and his cousin Pep who have been making waves on the independent scene over the past years. The cd is out on Domination records in the US.

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