10 months in review page 2 - Best Events / Best unsigned emcees

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Our long time correspondent & staff member Mustafa Maluka reports straight from Cape Town, South Africa from inside the local hip hop scene.

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Best Events
There are a few major events that have taken place but the two that stand out from the rest are the party for the launch of Ready D's album, DJ Craze visit and the Fire on the Mountain event that took place in a rural setting outside the city limits. Ready D's album launch took place in a Thai boxing gym in the city. The night featured b-boy battles, full contact Thai boxing battles, fighting demos, a DJ team performance, performances by Godessa, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Theba and Jitsvinger.

1. Not For Tha Faint Hearted Vol1 launch party

2. DJ Craze Performance

3. Fire on the Mountain

Best unsigned MCs
1. Stainless Steel


3. Koriander

4. Shorty Bang

5. Jitsvinger

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