10 months in review page 3 - Best live performances/producers/turntablists

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Our long time correspondent & staff member Mustafa Maluka reports straight from Cape Town, South Africa from inside the local hip hop scene.

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Best live performance
With live performance it always helps having a crowd familiar with your music. Godessa has by far stood out from the rest of the groups mentioned here since they have had a fair amount of really dope music that found its way on to local radio stations. Ancient Men, a fairly new group, have been having major radio airplay especially on the city's main commercial radio station GHFM with their hit single "Sumday". The duo have had crowds sing along to their choruses even before the release of their debut EP. Brasse vannie Kaap have always impressed with their live shows incorporating breakers and a DJ team while KONFAB wrecks crowds with his brashness and raw skill on the mic that has crowds of young girls screaming each time he busts into Xhosa language tough twisters.

1. Godessa

2. Ancient Men

3. Brasse vannie Kaap


Best Producers
This is a tough one because there are so many underground producers doing hot work but undoubtedly the two that stand out on top are Granville Williams and Shorty Bang, an Angolan cat.

1. GranvilleWilliams
2. Shorty Bang

Best Turntablists
Ready D is by far the greatest and most respected turntablist in Southern Africa period. Over the last few years though a few new names have been on the come up.

1. Ready D

2. DJ Scratch

3. Sibot

4. E-20

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