Mr. Devious on the hip hop highway (audio interview)

Solo emcee Mr Devious is like Cape Town's 'best kept secret'. He's been around in the local hiphop scene since the early 90's and built up a name among hiphop heads. Spitting sharp lyrics in English and Afrikaans, his following appreciates his firm roots in the Cape Flats communities (Devious stays in Mitchells Plain, a township to the east of Cape Town). The music industry has been slow to pick up on his talent, though he featured on several nation-wide cd releases such as P.O.C.'s 'Ghetto code' and even the second album of kwaito artists Skeem and another one by E'smile (Ishmael from P.O.C.).

In 1999 he entered the studio to record a full album for Ghetto Ruff, but the release got pushed back for unknown reasons. The energetic emcee has more than one album's worth of lyrics though, so he's been engaged in several side projects.

From March to June 2000, Devious took part in the Hivhop project (see our previous updates here and here) which took him to Holland in October.

Our reporter Thomas (Juma4) interviewed him on his way to a performance. Devious talks about how he got involved in rapping, why hip hop is of vital importance to the youth from the rough Cape Flats area, his involvement in Hivhop and prison projects, and his recordings with Dutch producer Kid Sundance.

The interview
The full interview is 11 minutes in streaming realaudio. The audio has been optimized for a 56k internet connection.

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The interview features an exclusive preview of 'Everything is everything', a new song that Devious recorded with Shamiel (dj/mc from Cape Town who was also involved in Hivhop) and Dutch producer Kid Sundance.

[Interview and audio mix by Thomas - J4 for Madunia music. All pics and sound (c) 2000]

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