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Where can I get the cd's and tapes that are listed on your site?

Well you should first take a look at our Store section! Many cd's are available online, from stores such as

Of course most local releases are not for sale through the web. Many artists put out cassettes targeted at their home market, and these are usually not distributed abroad.

We usually have a copy of everything that is mentioned here, but we are not able to make you a copy! Besides the copyright issues, there is simply too much work and cost involved in sending out tape or cd copies all over the world. If you really need a local release, try getting in touch with someone from that particular country so that you might trade tapes!!! Our Forum section is a good place to do tape swaps.

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I am hosting a radio show, and I'd like you to send me all of your music!

Good that you want to play African hiphop in your show. We suggest that you first get hold of all the officially released cd's, check out our Store section for links.

We do not have a promo mailinglist, and we usually do not get more than one copy of an artist's release. So if you need promos, you should contact the record labels.

Our own releases will be available through our Store section. You may take a look at the website to see what's coming up. If you need more specific info about the Africanhiphop/Madunia releases, you can contact <a>

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