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Can I use the info at your site in my thesis/documentary/story?

You are free to quote from the articles at our site, as long as you clearly mention the source including the web address However a quote is a quote, and we do NOT allow the unauthorized copying, 'borrowing' etc of entire texts and other portions of the site.
If you wish to use longer portions of text, or use images or sounds at this site, you should always contact us: We will then get you in touch with the authors of the article/sounds/images so that you can make an arrangement for use of the content.

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I am researching hiphop in a particular African country, can you help?

Yes, we will probably be able to help you. If you need to get hold of local contacts or want to know more about the situation on the spot, there's a good chance that we know more or that we can get you in touch with someone.

If we have enough time, we'll help you as good as we can. We are doing this site on a non-profit basis, so the only thing we want in return is your promise that in your final product and in your publicity you will make a clear mention of the fact that you got your info from!

In the past we have seen people visiting this site, using the info and then in their article/thesis not mentioning the mere existence of! That's quite disrespectful, and we don't want this to happen again... since again, there's about 5 years of work in the making and maintaining of this website and we don't have a big budget to do promotion, so the only way of getting our site's name out there is through mention in other sources.

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