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Good news for those who like to spend a lot of time online. The notorious chatroom has been bug-fixed which means that you can now stay logged in as long as you like. We tried it out and have been online most of today without any trouble. Now we need to re-populate the place! So click on and join us there (popup) and don't get mad if we're quiet because we have a life, too!

Other site-related news: we are currently running a beta test for the improved Africanhiphop.com site! Many new features that are currently being tweaked. If you'd like to join the beta test, let us know.

Also in the making: the September update of African hip hop radio with shows from Angola, South Africa, Kenya/Tanzania and Holland!
Then, the Africanhiphop forums are also quietly reconstructed, for now it's reorganizing the forum headers but we have more coming.



"Come back from Babylon, back to the roots": in the case of Movaiz Haleine, the duo gets together from France to Gabon for the sixth edition of their annual Show du pays which traditionally brings together their local fanbase.

In Libreville, the open-air seafront stage Gabon Expo will be played on the 29th of August from 20 hrs, supported by Lestat XXL and Rod Nzeng. A week later, on the 5th of September, Movaiz Haleine goes up north to Port Gentil (Foire Municipale), from 20 hrs on.

Performances of Movaiz Haleine usually include a prominent role of traditional instruments such as the bwiti, a traditional harp as depicted on the flyer.

Click here for a large version of the flyer.



While MTV Africa (also known as MTV Base) has made Joburg, SA their home two years ago, until recently the channel didn't yet reward talent across the continent by way of an awards ceremony. And with the mysterious situation surrounding the South Africa-based Kora Awards where awards entries went 'returned to sender' as they seemed to have disappeared off the earth, there were few spots for artists around the continent to be promoted into the mainstream.

Then in 2007 Kora resurfaced in Nigeria, and this year MTV Africa steps into the scene with an annual event that will go a long way in promoting artists across the continent and internationally. The first edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards will take place at the Velodrome, Abuja, Nigeria on Saturday 22 November 2008. The TV registration will then be broadcast across the African MTV network and on select tv channels. In anticipation of the ceremony, the nominees will be presented locally in Johannesburg (5 November), Nairobi (8 November), DR Congo (13 November) and Lagos (15 November). The event is sponsored by ZAIN, the phone company from Kuwait which owns the Celtel brand.




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