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Finally there's some African hiphop to be bought on wax again, and we are not talking about the famous print cloth worn by your mothers. This is the West-African hiphop compilation 'Africa Raps' on vinyl carrying the voices of some 30 emcees. Twenty of them all feature in one song, which is a bonus exclusive to this release. The epic Siensal remix by Pee Froiss features the following artists, as if to prove that there is unity among Senegal's emcees:

Awadi (PBS), Black J (Rak Tak), Chaka Babs, Abass, Nix (Kanthiolis), Baye Sen (Sen Kumpe), Baye Souley (PBS), Taf Taf (Noni None), Miriam (Alif), Baxao (Da Brains), Kool Coc 6 (Pee Froiss), KT (Rapadio), Jules (Sikki Sakka), Matador (BMG44), Alto, Daddy Bibson, Omar Ben Khatab (BMG44), Aladjiman (Daara J), Pacotille, Xuman (Pee Froiss) and Dioum B.

The topic of this remix is an imaginary 'what if', modelled after American emcee Fredro Starr's track of that title: "What if New York without Giuliani? What if Mike Tyson fought Ali in his prime? What if Will Smith got gangsta and start cursin rhymes? What if Erik never met Parish?".

Obviously the Senegalese rappers have localized their rhymes. Emcee Nix: "What if there would be no condoms in Dakar, how many street kids would we have?" while Daddy Bibson insists: "There's no What If, because God made everything to be the way it is - God is great and he doesn't leave anything at random".

Meanwhile in Tanzania, the same topic caused an uproar when rapper Mwanafalsafa's "Ingekuwa vipi" (yes, the Swahili version of 'What if') was answered by the release of Wandago Family's radio single "Ingekuwa poa" ('It would be cool').

The Africa Raps vinyl album, with tracks from Senegal, Mali and Gambia will be available soon through selected outlets (limited edition)! Keep an eye on our Store to order straight from the web. The impatient may check out the website of <a href="http://www.trikont.de" target=_blank>Trikont, the German label behind the release.


During our stay in Tanzania in April and May, the Africanhiphop site remained without much updating. As you might imagine after looking at this pic (taken at the set of our video shoot in Tanzania) we didn't get to access the internet very often, even though cyber cafes are all over the place these days.

Back in town we decided to upgrade the online content system, which caused some database trouble... we apologize for the resulting offline time. We are back with a fresh layout and soon our database of African crews will be back. Meanwhile, click around but remember that some sections are still under construction.

Soon we will upload all-new content such as the Old School section which features unique and amazing pics &amp; sounds from 1980's and 90's African hiphop.

Your links
Because of the database trouble, most of the information we added after January 2002 was lost. This means that any links we added between February and April are no longer there... the good news is that you can re-submit them!

Also check for the new issue of <a href="http://www.waxpoetics.com" target=_blank>Waxpoetics magazine which features a long article with many pics by our staff editor J4, on the history of hiphop in Tanzania.


X Plastaz is a hiphop crew consisting of 3 emcees, a Maasai singer and 2 rapping kids from Arusha, Tanzania. Their newly released 'Ushanta' video ranks among the more sophisticated music videos in the history of Tanzanian hip hop. It was shot over a period of six months in four different places, thousands of miles apart! In postproduction the video was made to look like a 1930's anthropological film.

'Ushanta' is a real-life story of a young Tanzanian who is working as a conductor on a taxibus (dala-dala). The video is released alongside a new cd-single and the official website of the group. It will be aired on Tanzanian television and the South African Channel O.

In June, the group will finally launch their debut album with a large music festival which lasts several days and gathers different rap groups, Maasai singers and other musicians. Madunia music is also working on a cd release which will be available through Africanhiphop.com from July on.

At the newly launched website Xplastaz.com the group shows its history, pics, and a photo report on the making of their new video. The full Ushanta video can be viewed online in realvideo format!

Go to Xplastaz.com


Nigeria, the most densely populated country of West-Africa often gets overlooked when hip hop is discussed. No surprise, because the music of artists like the Remedies and Plantashun Boyz is hard to get hold of abroad.

Eldee from the young but succesful Trybesmen sent us some updates on the scene. Nigerian hiphop is on the verge of an international breakthrough: Trybesmen will soon tour America, and recently American crew Naughty by Nature did three live shows in Lagos, Benin City and Ibadan.

-Trybesmen: Shake Bodi!
-Tony Tetuila
-Naughty by Nature in Nigeria


Spiritual twin brothers Rashid and Hoodlum are South African hip-hop artists and devoted Muslims from Kathorus. They are patiently making their way in hiphop, as our correspondent found out.

Read the article


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