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In the past years, mixtapes (technically: mix-cd's and sometimes even non-mixed cd's) have come to be instrumental in breaking new hip hop tracks, especially in the USA. Huge quantities are pressed up and sold in an informal network of distributors and vendors. The big mixtape deejays names include DJ Clue, Kay Slay, Whookid, Green Lantern. Now the latter used to be Eminem's dj and still works with Jay-Z, who he joined as a tour dj on his African tour last year.

Wouldn't it be nice then if Green Lantern included some African hip hop tracks in his mixes? Well it gets better... film director Femi Agbayewa (Real-Livin Films) in association with Green Lantern's Team Invasion and Africanhiphop.com presents:

God's Own Country - the Movement mixtape hosted by dj Green Lantern! A proper African hip hop compilation presented by one of America's top mixtape deejays. Artists on the mix include Eldee da Don (Nigeria), Dead Prez, Krukid (Uganda/US), X Plastaz & Jimmy Rage (Tanzania/Jamaica), Moubaraka (Comores/France) and Lil Wayne. Indeed a major first step towards the meeting up of the African hip hop scene with 'mainstream' American hip hop.

Green Lantern's African hip hop mixtape is in fact the soundtrack album to a new Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) film called 'God's own country', written and directed by Femi Agbayewa, a Nigerian born film maker who lives in the States.
The film and mixtape were officially released earlier this week.

We spoke to Femi Agbayewa and asked him all about the film, the Nollywood industry, the mixtape and his thoughts about how Africa has become cool again in the international media and fashion world.

Read the interview at Africanhiphop.com

Download the film and mixtape (external link)

Coming later this week: win free copies of the dvd and mixtape!


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From the African hip hop forums comes this link to a Youtube video of Eedris Abdulkareem performing an apology lyric in front of 50 Cent, whom he had humiliated in December 2004 by refusing to stand up from his chair in a private jet that was to take the artists around Nigeria.

Yesterday (December 20) 50 Cent - who had previously vowed to never ever come to Nigeria again - was present at the Media launch of Kora Awards which has apparently relocated from South Africa and will be held in Calabar, Cross River State from 2008 to 2012.

This raises some questions:
-Why did Fiddy come back to Nigeria?
-Should Eedris have given the apology? And why did he do so?
-And what on earth happened to the Kora awards, last time we checked our entries were being returned as they were not picking up mail from their Po Box?
-What does money have to do with all this?

Discuss it here.



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