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We will be doing some technical maintenance on the African Hip Hop Forums these coming days.

As you can see we have already completed a couple of technical improvements. updates. We needed to also update the looks of the forums, since our old design template doesn't yet work well with the technical innovations.
So, for now you will have to get used to a new look! Obviously, your experiences with the new functionality are of interest - please share them in the Chit Chat section.

Any bugs or inconveniences should be ironed out over the coming weeks, but keep us posted about it and in the rare case you can't log in anymore, just mail us, you can use the contact form at Africanhiphop.com.

Africanhiphop.com users can now access the chatroom again... after some downtime caused by the tech updates on the forum.

From now on, you can post Youtube videos inside the forum by using a BBcode tag.




As the end of the year approaches, the temperature in Dakar becomes bearable (some would say 'cold'), Senegalese abroad come home for their annual holidays and the hip hop community prepares for the 7th edition of the annual Hip Hop Awards. The festival, formerly known as the Senegal hip hop awards, was the first hip hop event in west-Africa on this scale, and today its focus goes beyond the borders with Mauritania or Mali.
Like last year, Africanhiphop.com will be present throughout the awards week to report on the concerts and workshops, and to interview artists for a special edition of African hip hop radio, to be expected in January. Before that show we'll drop the November/December edition with a report of our Film night and Cabo hip hop special at Black Soil in Amsterdam.

Some highlights of this year's program of the Hip Hop Awards: Yeleen (Burkina Faso), Ardiess (Benin), Fonetic (Togo), Koppo (Cameroun), Master G (Guinee), Dhalai-K (Benin), and from Senegal: Daara J, Keyti, Carlou D, Xuman, Matador, Mame Xa, Gaston, Black Diamonds, Pacotille and Canabas.

Special guests include Lord Kossity (France) and reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly from Ivory Coast.

The events are no longer situated exlusively in the former French Cultural Center, but also in the 'banlieue' of Pikine and even further inland in Diourbel:

7 December Esplanade de la poste, Diourbel
9 December Esplanade Complexe LS Senghor, Pikine
12/14/15 December Institut Francais
13 December Studio 2STV - Awards ceremony

Download the flyer: front and back.


Salute to the great Mr Fat. He passed in the morning hours today in Cape Town, South Africa.

Those that knew him will attest that he was unique in many ways. The rise of his stardom in both his hometown and beyond is a fitting testament to this wonderfully memorable character. From the days of Cape Town's hip-hop gathering place in the 90's, The Base, to his escapades with Jam B, and The Show (hip hop radio) at Bush, to Brasse vannie Kaap, he has always remained Mr Fat.

We will miss you bra. May you rest in Peace.
Shamiel X, Baobabconnections, Beatbangaz, Africanhiphop.com and all the old old school heads.


No news on the funeral yet. Will post more info here.

Also see this interview with Mr Fat at Bush Radio

Photo by Leon Botha


On saturday the 1st of December, club Bitterzoet in Amsterdam (Netherlands) hosts the 3rd annual Africanhiphop.com evening. For the third year in a row we bring African hip hop documentary films and artists together into one venue. The event is part of Black Soil hip hop film festival.

The film program:

-I Love Hip Hop in Morocco by Jennifer Needleman and Joshua Asen (USA/Morocco, 80 min.)
-Hip Hop Revolution by Weaam Williams (South Africa, 48 min.)
-African Underground: Democracy in Dakar by Nomadic Wax (USA/Senegal, short version, 30 min.)

Downstairs we present the Cabo Hip Hop Showcase with the best Cape Verdean emcees from Rotterdam:
GMB (currently building a reputation to be Holland's best live rap performer), Concrete & D-Son (SOS) and Vieira (known for his presence on the new dj Green Lantern mixtape).

The performances are preceded by a panel discussion with guests to be announced. The whole event will also be recorded for African hip hop radio.
From about 23.30 hrs, dj Wix (Solo for Dolo) plays the afterparty.

Entrance is 5 euro only for the performances. A ticket to the films (two different slots: I Love Hip Hop in Morocco, and Hip Hop Revolutions together with Democracy in Dakar) is also 5 euro which gives you free entrance to the shows.



One long awaited feature to this site has finally been implemented... a chat room! In association with Baobabconnections, we have built the Chat Lounge where you can talk to other forum members with no delay. It's already up and running... you can log in by using the login/pass that you use in the forums. You can meet with Baobabconnections users when they log in through their site. Try it out and give your feedback in the forums.

We ask anybody who is online often to log in so that the chat room is populated! It will need some time to grow but we think we can create a lively spot for talking everything from hip hop to politics or for battling each other live.

When logging in, provide your Africanhiphop login and password plus the name of the site through which you are logging in (Africanhiphop.com). Use the 'New! Chat Lounge' link in the forums to open the chat popup, click on the banner in the right column of this page or simply click here.


Over the past years, quite a few American hip hop artists have visited Africa. But while most didn't get the chance to see more of the Motherland than the airport, hotel and concert venue, there are also those that spent a little more time and made an effort to meet with their local fans and collegues. Dead Prez had previously been to South Africa more than once - including a visit to the youth conference organized by Baobabconnections in Cape Town last year - but earlier this month they made it to East Africa.

On invitation extended by the people behind the annual hip hop event WAPI, Dead Prez spent time in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Our correspondent Buddha Blaze reports from Nairobi with two articles and a photo report. Also have a look at this Youtube video with footage from their show at the British Council.

Article: Dead Prez in Nairobi

Article: Dead Prez community tour of Dandora



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