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While Africanhiphop.com have always tried to be on top of things, recently we saw our position as a leading African music site confirmed by Alexa, the leading web traffic directory which draws its stats from millions of web users. Someone pointed us to the fact that Africanhiphop.com is second on the web in the category 'African music'... The only website that comes above us is the Afro-Caribbean Music Guide which today consists of borrowed content and links to other sites. So that makes Africanhiphop.com the most popular African music content site on the internet! We are followed by Afropop, the African Music Encyclopedia and AllAfrica.com.

Link: Alexa traffic ranks

With that out of the way: the African hip hop forum battle section is getting back to life! Over the past months, a few regulars left to focus on studies and work, while others just took the summer (winter) months off. But they are back, and intel kicks off with a battle call here while Sike announces his return here.


African hip hop photos at the Royal Tropical Museum in Amsterdam (Holland): on Sunday, September 16th this unlikely spot, usually reserved for exhibitions on 'high culture', will be the backdrop of a hip hop festival with performances by Slum Village (US), Salah Edin (Morocco/NL), GMB (Cape Verde/NL) and others.

The event hosts a photo exhibition where next to the work of Ricky Powell (known for his vintage Beastie Boys pics) , Africanhiphop.com will be showing some work from our vaults! With 20 photos from the collection of Mustafa & Amina Maluka (taken in Cape Town, SA) and Juma4 (Tanzania) shown in A3 print size, African hip hop is taking over the museum for a day!

Click here for the full-size flyer, or visit the festival website at hiphopessentials.nl



The west-African country of Burkina Faso is not just known in the cultural world for hosting a big annual film festival (Fespaco); it also has its own hip hop festival, Ouaga Hip Hop, which has grown out to an event of international allure, probably the biggest in the whole of west-Africa.

This year's edition (titled 'Waga hip hop 7') takes place between 15 and 20 October in Ouagadougou. The program looks impressive with artists not just from Burkina but as far as Congo, Brazil, France, Uganda and elsewhere.

A quick glance at the tentative roster: Faso Kombat (Burkina), Fonetic (Togo), Secta'A (Gabon), Mc Anuff (Jamaica), Z'Africa (Brazil), Oxmo Puccino (France), 3K (Ghana), Lexxus Legal (R.D. Congo) and a couple more...

If you want to print the nice flyer and stick it on the wall to dream away about buying a ticket and flying out there, click this link for a large version...

More news soon about the line-up and hopefully Africanhiphop.com will attend to report through our webcast at African Hip Hop Radio.



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MTV Base (aka MTV Africa) and Nike pay tribute to the Air Force One, the shoe that celebrates its 25 year anniversary in 2007. On the 12th of July there's a special event being organized in Johannesburg, exact location to be announced. Access is very limited, but we have VIP access for two people (from S.A. as travel expenses are not covered) who enter the MTV/Nike competition through the banner on our site (see right column). You need to be fast because the 12th is this week thursday!

Just click through to the competition website and fill out the form telling them a story related to your Air Force Ones - and if you never owned a pair you should just invent a touching anecdote cos in this case it's all about the prize ;)



Winter season is in full swing in South Africa, and while the cape wind is strong enough to blow you off the bridge, Hip hop connected brings the beats, rap and other elements of the culture that should get the venue warmed up.

On the 7th of july at Artscape theatre, they present a showcase of well known and underground artists from around Cape Town, including EJ von Lyrik (Godessa), DLA (Driemanskap), b-boy The Curse, Logikll Paradox, Extraterrstrial, an exhibition with work by Leon Botha (see the exhibition here at Africanhiphop.com), photographer Scott Williams, and merchandise from the long-standing Heal the hood project.

Hip hop connected "promotes local developing talent and raises awareness around important issues, like African heritage" and has been doing so for a while now. We received two huge flyers which stretch over a meter long, and for your convenience (and bandwidth) we cut it into smaller pieces, click to see each portion.

This month's program:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

An overview of previous Hip Hop Connected events:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5



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