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August 2006 - To make up for the long silence last spring, African hip hop radio is back for the second update this summer (or winter, for those below the equator). Four more hours of mostly new and as yet unplayed tracks from all over the African continent.

So what IS new? Among others, we have an interview (en Francais) with Saian Supa Crew, one of France's biggest hip hop act whose African roots surface on some of their tracks. We flew out to Gabon (West Africa) to attend this year's edition of Gabao Hip Hop, the biggest annual hip hop fest in the region, and returned with a couple of dope cuts from Gabon and Cameroon.

And this month we finally got a show on Ghanaian hip hop with presenter Wanlov whom some of you may already know from the forums... Add new shows by Cavera C (Angola) and Maluka (South Africa) and you just know that you will be tuned in for the coming four hours, then to press play again!

Go there & listen: African hip hop radio - August 2006


The annual hip hop event on the southern tip of the continent, the African Hip Hop Indaba, is about to kick off in Cape Town, South Africa. Apart from emcee-ing, deejaying, graf writing and breaking showcases, the Indaba has battles with prizes to be won, workshops, panel discussions and more.
One reason for celebration is the re-launch of Da Juice 'Hip Hop and Youth Magazine' which may very well be the longest standing hip hop mag on the continent - it certainly was an early inspiration to the makers of Africanhiphop.com. At the Indaba, funds will be raised to send the 5 best breakdancers to go to the World championships in Germany.

The program

25th August 2006 DJ & MC Battle at Drommedaries Hall at Good Hope Centre, Cape Town. Performances by Mizchief, Rudimentals, Ben Sharpa, Terror MC and Conquering Lions. Starts at 20 hrs and hosts the freestyle MC battle where the winner wins studio time and an SM58 microphone. The DJ's win 2 x Gemini turntables and mixers.

26th August 2006 Battle of the Year South Africa: Breakdance & New Skool Hip Hop Dance Champs at the Main hall of Good Hope Centre. Starts with workshops at 14 hrs in Capoeira, breakdance and popping. Performance by Isaac Mutant, Conquering Lions and dance crews. Western Cape eliminations start at 18 hrs. National finals start at 20 hrs. Give-aways from Puma, Playstation and Blunt Magazine and a Gatsby (local Cape Town food) eating competition and customized cars on show.

27th August 2006 Hip Hop Awards and Panel Discussion at Beach Road studios, SABC building. Starts at 12.30 hrs with a panel discussion planning hip hop events in Cape Town and Heal the Hood projects for the rest of the year for interested artists. Prizes giving for all participants as well as artists working hard in various fields during the year. Announcement of 2 youths from the cape Flats that the Heal the Hood group is sending to Sweden in September.

Contact & tickets
For tickets & info call 082 4744750 or (021) 7060481 or 082 3958125. Tickets are R30 pre-sold and R40 at the door. Tickets are also available at all Mix Clothing stores in Tygervalley, Cavendish Sqaure and in Long Street, also at African Music Store, Mabu Vinyl and Loud on Long Street, Cape Town.

What's more...
In December this year, the African Battle Cry will celebrate its 10th anniversary, the occasion will be remembered with a special book release. Emile from Black Noise will also be travelling to New York, Sweden and Norway to announce the Heal the Hood project before returning home to establish it at 50 more schools in and around the Western Cape.






Jumping the ocean: America's most popular hip hop website Allhiphop.com has run an interview with Africanhiphop.com editor Juma4. Among the other feature articles on Cassidy in jail and LL Cool J's clothing line, this short article manages to come from a different angle.

So, welcome to any new visitors who found us through Allhiphop, and as usual you can reach out to us through the contact form - or if your remark is more general and interesting to others you may as well post it in the forums.



Sad news from Tanzania where Faza Nelly, one of the founding members of Tanzanian rap group X Plastaz, passed away last night. Nelly had been admitted to hospital with wounds inflicted by a knife that a psychotic neighbour had used to attack him. Doctors had hope of healing him, but the damage to his lungs proved too severe.

Nelly's death has shocked his family, friends and the international music community who have expressed their grief in the condolence register at the X Plastaz website.
He will be buried the coming weekend and his brother and group member Gsann will come over from the USA to attend the funeral.

With the passing of Nelly, the hip hop community has lost a modest but highly skilled emcee whose lyrics were tales from the grassroots of society. He showed a great respect for the natural treasures of Tanzania and for traditional culture, such as in the song 'Aha' (see video here). Nelly truly cared for the community and the poor & helpless and was never tempted to go with the trend of Tanzanian rap to become more commercial and less about the hardships of the common people. At the same time he knew how to enjoy life and his sense of humour never failed to break the ice with people from all over the world.

In his travel with the group he got to see different parts of the world such as Belgium, UK and Brazil. He was booked to perform in Gabon (West-central Africa) in early June, and a music video featuring him rapping on top of the holy mountain of the Maasai (the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai) was about to be released in Tanzania along with the new single 'Hiyo' which is also on the new Kunta Kinte Clothing mixtape (see the X Plastaz Myspace page for audio).

Africanhiphop.com would like to send condolences to his family, friends, collegues and fans.

More news soon as Africanhiphop.com editor Juma4 will also be in Tanzania the coming week.


Finally available: the full version of the documentary about the late South African rapper Devious. A 20 minute version was shown on several occasions; in Amsterdam we first saw it at an event organized by Baobabconnections. Filmmaker John Fredericks from Rainbow Circle Films visited Holland together with Devious wife Natalie and her child and collected additional footage including interviews with people who had worked with Devious, recordings of his performances and a music video he did of his song 'Raak wys'.

The documentary will be shown on South African television SABC on Monday the 6th of March at 22 hrs. It will also be available to film festivals and foreign television stations, licensing is currently being negotiated.
Also see this page at the Rainbow Circle website.

Music video: Raak wys
Click here to watch the video (Windows media, 10 MB) to Raak Wys which Devious recorded in Holland. It was a 'no budget' affair recorded with a simple camera in just 3 hours as he was about to fly back to SA. Unfortunately it was never finished while he was alive.

Raak wys is a track in Cape slang, a dialect of Afrikaans spoken in the townships among the 'colored' community of Cape Town. Devious would always argue that cape slang deserved to be mentioned as a language of its own. In this song he uses many words that are used among prisoners, and takes a look in the mind of a gangster. Devious had been working with youth in prison and one of his goals was to offer the underaged prisoners an alternative to gang life when they would get back into the real world.

This video was shot & edited by J4 who was assisted on the spot by Africanhiphop.com correspondent Maluka and Dominic from Baobabconnections.


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