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The Africanhiphop.com team is currently in Cape Town, South Africa on invitation of the Sessions eKapa art conference, a gathering which leads up to the first edition of a new bi-annual art manifestation in Cape Town next year. In between lectures and discussions we are hooking up with some of the local pioneers and newcomers. Stay tuned for new photos and two consecutive Africanhiphopradio.com shows about Cape Town (long overdue indeed).

Only a few days after eKapa there is another conference happening in town, with a younger audience and lots of hip hop related activities. Baobab Urban Youth Conference comes from Cape Peninsula University of Technology at the 9th of December. Headlining performers are none other than Dead Prez, who are on their third visit to the Motherland (see the flyer).

Two weeks later the Urban Youth Conference is switching to Amsterdam, Holland with lectures, cinema, an online debate and the 'Shopping mall for 21st century consumers' (see the flyer).

Look up the full program at http://www.baobabconnections.org


In November and December, the 3rd edition of Holland's hip hop film festival Black Soil will go down in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Last year, the festival featured our own documentary 'Hali Halisi - Rap as an alternative medium in Tanzania', shot in 1999 and awarded 'best documentary short' at H2O film festival in New York in 2004. This year, Africanhiphop.com is not only attending but adding to the program with a film on hip hop in Kenya, a short documentary panorama and a discussion with African film makers and emcees!

First up in Rotterdam on the 26th of November we present the new documentary Hip Hop Colony by Michael Wanguhu which has received much praise at a number of film festivals around the world. Including interviews with emcees, producers and deejays, live footage and behind the scenes, the film is a journey in 90 minutes throughout the current Kenyan scene from the underground to the chart toppers.
Another interesting screening should be Mixtress X by Liberian/American director Dante Kaba which is shown in Rotterdam the day before (Friday the 25th).

Then in Amsterdam we'll be present on the 10th of December to record the new webcast for AfricanhiphopRadio.com: an hour of discussion presented by Drew & J4 on the significance of an 'African' hip hop movement and the influence of African identity in today's hip hop. Special guests include Michael Wanguhu (director of Hip Hop Colony), Dante Kaba (director of Mixtress X), emcee Das Primeiro (Angola) and rapper/promoter Guderian Bakielemeso (Congo). Contributions to the discussion by the audience are welcomed. Before the discussion we'll have a 1-hour program of short documentaries on African hip hop culture (names to be announced soon!). Mixtress X and Hip Hop Colony are also to be seen in Amsterdam.

For venue details and the time schedule see www.blacksoil.com


Sad news from Senegal where Abdourahmane Wane, also known as Countryman, has died from injuries suffered in a severe motor accident last week.

Countryman was one of the driving forces behind the Senegalese hip hop scene. With his band Akiboulane and his studio productions for artists such as Dread Maxim and Ass Malick he also played a large part in the recent rise in popularity of Senegalese dancehall/reggae.

After a long stay abroad, Abdourahmane had returned to Senegal in 2003 with the intention of reviving the reggae movement in Senegal. With his studio and label he managed to create a unique cross-over of hip hop and reggae in working with established rappers such as Xuman from Pee Froiss along with reggae artists like Sun Sooley and Dread Africa. Abdourahmane got married earlier this year and his music carreer was in full swing.
Africanhiphop.com sends sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends. Rest in peace Countryman...

You may send condolences through a special guestbook at Countrymanproductions.com



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