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In the midst of confusion about the condition of Gabon's president, and fear of any political turmoil that may break out if he passes away (update: it was just confirmed that he died indeed - we'll post any news here!), there are two major events happening in Libreville that will make Gabon the place to be when it comes to hip hop from the central African region. First up is Gabao hip hop (see our next news update this week) and then on the 20th of June there's the annual Show du Pays.

Le Show du Pays is a recurring event organized by Zorbam produxion and involves Movaizhaleine, pioneers of hip hop in Gabon who have a large following, and a large number of guest artists. This year focus is on slam, the spoken word based performance style that is pretty popular throughout the French speaking world (despite the English name).

If you are in Libreville, check out the CCF (French Cultural Center), a huge and beautiful venue in the center of town next to the equally big Mbolo supermarket.

Artists include Souleymane Diamanka (France/Senegal), Styl'Oblique (Congo/France), Aslama (Mali), Afrikslam (Burkina), Nyabinghi Slam (Gabon), Wendy Wenn (Gabon/France) and of course the duo of Lord Ekomy Ndong and Maat Lion a.k.a. Movaizhaleine.

For more info, check out www.movaizhaleine.com or phone the info line (Dee Nice) at +241-07179412 (that's a number in Gabon so don't make it a long call!)

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