Cloud Tissa

Cloud Tissa, originally from Kigali (Rwanda), grew up and lived in Mombasa. By the age of 15 he wrote his first song 'Heshima' and performed it on his first show ever on a rap talent competition held in Makuti Park, Nairobi, and went on to win the competition in front of about 1000 people. At the tender of 16, he released a track 'Laumu' which he performed on K.B.C. TV to about 20 million viewers, and went on to become no. 1 on the programme's charts for almost 2 months. During the same year he met Roughtone and released a track 'Its Up 2 U' which had a no. 1 radio play in all over East Africa and later appeared on B.B.C. Radio.

He also toured with Sali Oyugi and The Hot-Road band, appeared on shows with Kalamashaka, Hardstone, and performed on many festivals Like Wiesen Sunsplash 2000 where he performed alongside Alpha Blondy, The Wailers, Lucky Dube, Sly and Robbie and many more.

Now in order to expand and build, he is studying music lessons in Vienna where he is currently living and continually writing and producing for himself and other artists.

Cloud Tissa has been writting, composing and performing on different venues as well. He's worked with different artists like B-Nice (Unique 2), George L. (Grammy award winning for Madonnas production), Femi (Soultans), Black Soul, and many more. Keep your ears and eyes alert for this young talent blowing off the scene, for his single, album, video, will be out soon.

Bio submitted by Cloud Tissa 2002

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