African Hip Hop and Youth Indaba - Cape Town, July 2002

Programme for 5 day hip hop & youth expo 17th - 21st july 2002 (updated July 7, 2002)

T-shirt design by graf artist Ice for the Indaba of 2000

The annual African Hip Hop Indaba is growing bigger and bigger. Last year was a success when many people turned up during the main events. But the organization never looses sight of the townships, and all activities are set up so that those who have a tight budget, or transport problems can also be there.

17th july 2002, spraycan exhibition @ grassy park library - free
18th july 2002, mc & dj battle @ the jam, cape town r 20
19th july 2002, s.a.breakdance champs @ goode hope centre, r50 for day & r30 - evening
20th july 2002, s.a.hip hop awards @ goode hope centre - r 15
21st july 2002, feedback jam @ beach road studios, r 10

17th july 2002 spraycan art expo @ grassy park library
14h00 - opening speech of african hip hop indaba 2002
14h10 - breakdance demonstration by black noise breakdancers
14h30 - official opening of month long graffiti / hip hop picture exhibition
15h00 - writers bench for local graffiti artists (if good weather, writers can paint do the walls)
15h30 - screening of heal the hood music video
15h35 - screening of old school hip hop movies, "wildstyle" and beat street
17h00 - day 1 ends when writers and videos are done

18th july 2002, mc & dj battle @ the jam in cape town - r 20
16h30 - 19:00 audition and soundcheck
21h30 - ray opens the sonic boom. intro dj thee angelo & the mc sky 189
22h30 - sky intro's positive attitude who perform one song
22h40 - open the dj comp. intro. the judges (sky189 & rozzano) explain rules intro dj's
22h50 - dj flex starts off six minutes followed by dj juice
23h05 - broke kings from jhb performs one song
23h07 - dj's heinrich and earl performs for six minutes each
23h20 - plain madness performs one song
23h27 - dj's technic and willi performs for six minutes each
23h39 - sky189 performs one song
23h46 - dj's redwood and clive performs for six minutes each
00h00 - parliament performs one song
00h07 - dj cybot
00h13 - phillip performs
00h20 - two dj's battle for first place
00h33 - t he freestyle battle begins. winners are invited to the awards ceremony on the 20th at the drommedaris hall. the winning dj plays a set followed by dj the angelo.

19th july 2002, s.a.breakdance champs, battle of the year @ goode hope centre, r50 all day or r30 for evening
13h30 - doors open for those attending the workshops
14h00 - capoeira workshop
15h30 - dj workshop
16h30 - writers bench - graffiti discussion / picture exhibition
17h30 - b-boy workshop and discussion on battling
18h30 - doors open for battle of the year - groups register
19h00 - crews do their 7 minute shows performances - capoeira - pantsula - b-girl show - old school throwdown
23h00 - final battles for 3rd place 7 - 10 minutes 1st place 15minutes
23h30 - announce winners and take pictures etc
23h40 - dj plays till 24h00
24h00 - end

20th july 2002, south african hip hop awards @ the drommedaries hall, good hope centre - r 15
18h00 - sound check
19h00 - dj thee angelo plays and gets the party started
20h00 - emile opens the evenings events
20h05 - performance by parliament, pit
20h15 - awards start
21h45 - performance by the winning mc, dj and b-boys during awards
22h00 - suggested one on one battles
22h15 - best crew at boty battle the s.a. team
22h30 - dj thee angelo plays and party continues till 01h00
01h00 - end

21st july 2002, feedback jam @ beach road studios - r 10
12h00 - discussion 1:- hip hop youth discuss establishing the heal the hood network nationally and how to go about getting it started.
13h00 - discussion 2:- the future of south african hip hop and why it does not gain as much acclaim and media attention as kwaito
14h00 - performances for the day - hip hop concert
14h10 - parliament
14h20 - plain madness
14h30 - phillip/ native sons
14h40 - winning b-boy crew to perform at this event or b-boy throwdown with live drummer
15h00 - freestyle mc throwdown with live drummer and dj
15h20 - heal the hood song
15h30 - black noise
15h40 - dj demo by winning dj
15h50 - freestyle jamming till end
16h00 - end

a ticket for the entire event will cost you - r70

for tickets or more info call emile @ 082 395 8125 or 7060481 or email [email protected] or call ray @ 083 534 3260

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