Nazizi, born Nazizi Hirji is a 20 year old MC from Kenya. She was first exposed to Kenyan audiences at 'Da Show' which was a talent show in which she battled several male MCs and came up tops. This led to her signing on with Samawati Studios. While at Samawati she appeared in Eric Wainaina's (an R&B/folk singer) song "Nakuwaza". She eventually hooked up with Tedd Josiah of Audio Vault Studios in 1999, where she featured on the well known track "Sitalia" by Nikki (an R&B singer).

She got her moment when she had her own solo single "Ni Sawa Tu" (It's Fine) featured in the Audio Vault project "Kenyan The 2nd Chapter". The song which was a hit tells of the tribulations of a daydreaming school girl who hopes to be famous like Tupac Shakur, and of course her parents don't want to hear any of it. Any semblence to her life? Maybe. Nazizi has since appeared in GidiGidi MajiMaji's album "Ismarwa" dropping lyrics in the song "Chunya Jamirima".

Since then Nazizi has teamed up with singer/rapper Wyre and Bamzigi to form the group Necessary Noise. They currently have 3 hot tracks "Clang Clang", "Lovers Rock" and Shujaa" receiving a lot of radio airplay. Being one of the top female MCs in Kenya we are sure to hear a lot more noise from her.

Written by Ken Anyama (Nairobi) for © 2001

Pic © Rockers magazine, Tanzania

The song 'Ogopa' from Nazizi was recorded in P-Funk's studio in Tanzania (2000).

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