Hip Hop in Cameroon

S.P. Members: Sly Bomber, Camer MC, Lady Cruss, FM
Tracks: Esperanto, Vanriki, Les crimes n'ont plus d'epoque

Group representing in Cameroun, ready to conquer the world. They are managed by Fahramax in Germany, where the group went over to perform in Hannover alongside stars like Anne Marie Nzé. Their first album has been recorded and is scheduled for local release.
Mail the manager for more info:
[email protected]

Members: Tom, Sépha, DJ Billik, Sadraak, Christelle Khéma
tracks: Clair de Lune, Urban Village, Sale Na¨gre

The UMAR crew has been in existence since the early nineties, but like many African rap groups they have become more widely known only recently. The name 'UMAR' stands for something, can't remember what exactly (but it has to do with 'African Reality') - if you know plz mail us.

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