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Godessa - Social ills (single)
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I heard them first on their independently released five song E.P. Introspective Soul. I knew that it was only a matter of time before these sisters, who paint marvellous “mental pictures”, with their smooth vocals and hard hitting lyrical dexterity would be back to hit us with that shit we've been looking for. Now signed to the South African based African Dope Records, the trio made up of MC's EJ von Lyric, Burni, and da MIC Mistress, have released their first internationally distributed single titled Social Ills. The track comes as a fresh breeze of reality in the midst of the consumerist frenzy many of us are engaged in. Their lyrics, “it's like society conditions you to be a clone”, challenges us to think about the power of advertising and marketing and those who dictate the latest trends in fashion. They go on to say:

this mainstream slaveship is sailing
and before long you will mourne
when your individuality is gone
so caught up in material bullshit
that the thought of being real seems putrid…

These sisters are definately on some intelligent anti-glocalisation, anti materialist, make your own decisions angle when they spit:

Don't you know Adam and Eve
draped [wore] leaves right from the start
it's so hard to understand why you don't wear what you like
you wear what you think that they think is tight
and I don't think its right
to find replicas of Jennifer's all over the world”

The tight production by Grenville Williams from Bombshelter HiFi paints a dialectically sinister yet playful backdrop to the ambidextrous lyricism displayed on the track. The single comes together with a surreal animated video that you can watch on your p.c. Until the full album drops, we'll have to do with this little teaser. If only for the dope video, you have to get this -
“coz popular culture's a bitch is what I heard”

So many social ills society breeds
it like sobriety kills
the reality that feeds off the air that we breath
there's no need to deceive
throught the eye of the beholder I can see

Knowledge of self
is personal wealth
we need to question ourself
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