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10 months in review page 1 - introduction
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Our long time correspondent & staff member Mustafa Maluka reports straight from Cape Town, South Africa from inside the local hip hop scene.

· page 1 - introduction
· page 2 - Best Events / Best unsigned emcees
· page 3 - Best live performances/producers/turntablists
· page 4 - Best club djs/graf writers
· page 5 - Best party promoters / hip hop activists

Its been a full 10 months that I've been back on home turf in Cape Town after spending most of the last 7 years in Amsterdam. Since coming back I have not been writing much, mostly because I needed to get myself settled and really immerse myself in the local scene before I could really write anything. Well, that time has come. I initially intended to do a piece relating happenings over the last 6 months but I have found it more productive to do a series of lists made up of crews and peeps who have stood out of the crowd for me. One thing that has been very apparent is the fact that hiphop has gone mainstream in a big way.

Not a day goes by that you don't get to see live break-dancing and DJing on national TV. More than any focus on the so-called “elements”, one can say that hiphop “aesthetic” more than anything else, has affected and infected every facet of South African culture. This piece will by no means be reflective of hip-hop across South Africa because local scenes in Johannesburg, Durban and the east coast are putting out large amounts of material which is just too much to mention in a profile of this nature. Please note also that the lists are in no particular order.

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