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10 months in review page 5 - Best party promoters / hip hop activists
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Our long time correspondent & staff member Mustafa Maluka reports straight from Cape Town, South Africa from inside the local hip hop scene.

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· page 2 - Best Events / Best unsigned emcees
· page 3 - Best live performances/producers/turntablists
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· page 5 - Best party promoters / hip hop activists

Best Party Promoters
The monthly Bootleg parties have been the longest running and most successful series of parties since DJ Hamma's Boogydown Knights a few years ago. The Bootleg parties have attracted some of the largest, most diverse crowds of any parties in the city. Some of the draw cards of these parties include a lineup of some of the hottest underground MCs and DJs with the added bonus of free multimedia mixtape giveaways. Black Mist has a similar formula but have tried to incorporate more spoken word elements into their parties. With the return to Cape Town of club promoter Arthur Motswako and his new company Beatbox Music, we have a lot more hot parties to look forward to.

1. The Bootleg

2. Black Mist

Hiphop activists
As someone who grew up with hiphop culture in this city, one of the things that makes me very proud is the role that elders in the hiphop community have taken in the broader community. Emile Jansen of the group Black Noise, has been the most visible of the older activists and not only because of his gigantic afro. He has . Rozanno and his grassroots work, Shaheen for his focus on analytical and intellectual development, Shamiel and Ready D for their grassroots skills development work and Shamiel's work on

1. Emile Jansen

2. Shamiel Adams

3. Real Rozanno

4. Shaheen Ariefdien

5. Ready D

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