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Pic: is that really Abidjan in the background? Africanhiphopradio digs up the 1st African rap release on 12 inch from 1986...

Finally available: AfricanHipHopRadio.com! The new 2 hour show recorded in January 2005 is the continuation of the Rumba-Kali webcast which has been online since 1998 playing those tunes that you won't hear anywhere else. In the new format we have added live presentation by the AfricanHipHopRadio team of Drew MC and Juma4, and radio contributions from our correspondents across the continent. We play white labels and promos, tracks from newly released albums, old school tunes, sample sources and present news from all over.

Pan-African Hip Hop: 26 tracks from 14 countries
AfricanHipHopRadio is the first truly pan African hip hop radio show in the world. The first show (January 2005) features no less than 26 tracks from Gabon, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Algeria, Congo, Eritrea, Tanzania, France, Senegal, Usa, Nigeria and Ivory coast - all over the motherland in a pan African spirit.


Dubplates, Senegal, African rap 12 inch from '86, Madlib & Eritrea, interviews: Daara J & X Plastaz
This includes new tracks, exclusive tunes and world premiers from the likes of KKK But Blacks (Kenya/Uganda), Daara J (Senegal), Akon, Conjunto Ngonguenha (Angola), Naili (Algeria), and fresh Senegalese tape releases... In the old school section we're featuring what was probably the first African rap tune recorded, and certainly the first to appear on vinyl from Ivory Coast (1986! - see the photo above).
In a special feature Africanhiphopradio.com discloses the Eritrean sample source to a Madvillain remix by American producer Madlib. Lee interviews Fada Freddy from Daara J (Senegal) and Gsann from X Plastaz (Tanzania). Also you get to hear more news about the Senegal hip hop awards and new African hip hop cd releases.

The show is also licensed to 'conventional' radio stations around the world. First up is Vpro Radio, a national broadcaster in Holland which from March 2005 on, will incorporate parts of the show in its webcast/digital radio at www.3voor12.nl.

&middot; Read more & go to the listening section!


We never expected to see a URL come close to that of Africanhiphop.com but Nigeria did it and they came correct with <a href="http://www.Africanhiphopsummit.com" target=_blank>Africanhiphopsummit.com. The website represents a series of events, the first of which is taking place on the 21st of January in Lagos.

While the Nigerian hip hop scene and the corresponding market are so huge that you'd say they don't even need a connection to neighbouring countries, it's from here that the initiative of a pan African event originates in the shape of the first African hip hop summit. While there's been African hip hop festivals before (eg those in Burkina and Benin), this time the focus is wider than just performances and artist workshops.

The organizers of the summit, Gbenga Sokefun and Paul Akhimie (both with a background in hip hop event promotion), see the event as a way for not just the audience but also media, industry stakeholders and business institutions to link up. Their aim is for the scene in different African countries to become connected internationally. The actual summit, to take place in April, consists of a conference, an exhibition and a concert to take place on 3 concecutive days.

First up on Friday the 21st of this month is an awareness concert with special guests Stevano-UGO and Franchize, both Nigerian artists who live in the States, and locally based artists Internash Fam, Ruffman, 2Shotz, Nuff Noyz, Rooftop mcs and Caliphate.

Fantasy Island, Kingsway Road Ikoyi, Lagos
21 January 2005
Time: 11 PM til break
Ticket: N1000

There will also be an African hip hop summit compilation album on sale from 28 January 2005... we'll put up a review soon.


What better way to begin the year than unearth the latest gem in the perpetually evolving Nigerian Hip hop scene. There are multiple reasons for wanting to be successful in the world of rap music. The fame and fortune are appealing no doubt, and for the more ambitious, power and respect are even more appealing (ask Mr. Sean Carter - President, Def Jam Records).

But for Mushin, Lagos bred MC/Producer, Outshine, the sincerity of his music proves that it's love for the sport that keeps his boat afloat. Born Ikechukwu Kelvin Medua, Outshine is in some ways a child of destiny. For one born and raised by an indigent single parent mother in a 'savage' ghetto like Mushin most would have written him off as another potential area boy (Nigerian parlance for street urchin), and if he evinced any interest in music, as another Pasuma Wonder wannabe with only a remote chance of succeeding.

But by a grand design of fate Outshine has emerged as one of the most promising acts in Nigerian Hip hop. With clever wordplay and excellent locution plus a keen ear for great beats, Outshine possesses talent unmatched by many of his aspirant MC contemporaries.

&middot; Read more and download the Aoww EP (five mp3's)


Most of us agree that hip hop culture in Africa is more than just entertainment. From day one (the early/mid eighties, in most African countries), artists and activists have used hip hop as a platform to organize the youth and bring forth social/political change.

Some would deny this, saying that rap as a musical expression is merely an American import, and that hip hop culture is moving kids away from their cultural heritage. Bring in Yunus Rafiq, a Tanzanian social activist and hip hop advocate who gives more insight into way society can benefit from hip hop as it has been developing on African soil.

Yunus explains in our interview: hip hop has certain similarities to traditional ways in which African youth used to organize. In today's society, it's a tool for democracy, freedom of expression and advocacy.

&middot;&nbsp;Interview with Yunus Rafiq


In this new era in which we use the web to replace the old cd-player, it's always good to see that artists are putting their new releases or even an entire album on the web. After our December downloads, here's two more goodies from Uganda/UK and Tanzania!

2Ban- how to get hold of exclusive dj promo!
First up is the full album of 2Ban, an Ugandan emcee who ended up in the UK as a refugee at the age of 10. The self produced cd has been available for a while now and 2Ban even pressed up promo copies on vinyl! If you are a dj and interested in getting a copy please mail us at 2ban@africanhiphop.com with your address, and include '2ban vinyl' in the subject.

2Ban also does video art and we received a DVD with image and video collages to their tracks, and the result is unlike anything we saw from a hip hop artist yet - 2Ban touch on a lot of topics that would make other conscious emcees feel like going back to the library.

&middot; Check <a href="http://www.freakkingdom.com/2ban/mp3s.php" target=_blank>this page for the download, and make sure you have a program like <a href="http://www.winrar.com" target=_blank>winrar installed to uncompress the files. If you fail to download the whole album you can still listen to a few songs at Bandlookup, too.

Music is like a journey, Tanzanian mc Ommi said on his first recording 'Hii safari' with Rugged Brotherz from Mbeya. Nearly five years later his 'Utaweza' was recorded in Kampala, Uganda. The track which talkes about love features Rah P, a female emcee from Tanzania who's known mostly for her verse on the huge 'Mikasi' dancehall track by Mangweya.

&middot; Download this exclusive track here and read his bio here.


One of the higlights of 2004's South African hip hop releases must have been Zubz 'Listeners digest'. After a disaster occurring in March 2004 when his album recordings got lost in the studio, Zubz re-recorded all tracks and the outcome is an album that's tight from beginning to end. But who's Zubz? Find out about this emcee/webmaster who was born in Zambia and moved to ZA through Zimbabwe.

&middot; Interview

&middot; Biography


Back in time: Abbas (Underground Souls) and KBC (Kwanza Unit) at Clouds radio, Tanzania 1999 - photo: J4

In January 2005, Africanhiphop.com re-launches its online radio playing African hip hop tunes from all over the continent. The webcast, which in 1998 was the first radio playing African rap tunes from all over the Motherland under the name 'Rumba-Kali Radio', has been renamed AfricanHipHopRadio and will be accessible from the URL <a href="http://www.africanhiphopradio.com" target=_blank>www.africanhiphopradio.com.

In its new format, African Hip Hop Radio will play exclusive tracks from over 20 African countries in a 2-hour show presented by mc Drew (Uganda/Holland) and dj Juma4, the founder of Africanhiphop.com. The monthly show will include reports and interviews by radio correspondents in Nigeria (Lagos), South Africa (YFM, Johannesburg), Senegal (Sud FM, St Louis) and other places.
Rather than playing African rap which has been available in western countries, the broadcast focuses on new and classic tracks that were released locally on tape. The Africanhiphop.com archive is the largest of its kind in the world, with over 150 local hip hop tapes from Senegal alone and equal amounts from countries like Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana. The archive also includes interviews, freestyles and other unique recordings which have been collected since the early 90's.

In the coming months AfricanHipHopRadio will also build an interactive online radio tool... more on that soon.

The show is a project of the African hip hop foundation, the non-profit organization behind the Africanhiphop.com site. The Foundation put African hip hop on the world map through its website and many related projects including contributing tracks to the Rough Guide to African Rap cd, assisting in the making of documentaries and research projects for international media such as BBC, NPR, XXL magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique and a number of cd, article and book releases.

The show will also be licensed to 'conventional' radio stations around the world. First up is Vpro Radio, a national broadcaster in Holland which from March 2005 on, will incorporate parts of the show in its webcast/digital radio at <a href="http://www.3voor12.nl" target=_blank>www.3voor12.nl

For more info or enquiries about licensing etc. contact Juma4 and MC Drew at info@africanhiphopradio.com


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