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Last year's album release 'L'Afrique dans les yeux' was a conceptual compilation by French-African emcees rapping about their vision of the motherland. The cd was distributed in France but little known outside the Francophone world. Hopefully the upcoming 'African conscience' project will have wider recognition. Its scope is on Africa and the diaspora, bringing together artists of African origins to share conscious thought.

Some big names collaborate: Dead Prez, Pee Froiss, Sizzla, Tiken Jah Fakoly, TY, and Anthony B to name a few. Apart from the cd release there will be a monument placed on the former slave transport gate of Goree (Senegal), a concert and a documentary film will be produced.
Out in 2003, but we are taking a preview on the menu.

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  • French version


  • Back in 1997 at the time of the humble beginnings of this site, we first heard of the work of one Tanzanian emcee named Hashim. His English language rhymes were on some other level, and it was hard to imagine any other local rapper being able to match his combined lyrics and flow. At the time Hashim a.k.a. Dogo or the Bongo Psychological, was working in the studio of P-Funk on an album that never came out. He dropped a few singles though, such as 'I shot an emcee' and 'Saa za kazi' which did well on the radio, and then a couple of guest performances on other people's work like Unique Sistaz and X Plastaz.

    As Tanzanian rap slowly got to be more radio friendly and commercial in the past 3 years, it seemed less likely that Hashim would ever want to drop an album again. A long silence followed, but he was still around, laying low as he'd call it, and when we met in May 2002, Dogo was up to something. By August he was ready to talk about his plans for what Freddy Foxx would call an industry shakedown, and we got an exclusive: "This is concealed info - I want africanhiphop.com to be the first to know whats happening cuz we are not aligned with the national media".

  • Read the interview


  • From now on we will feature regular stories and video reports from Baobabconnections, an online project linking youth from different (African and other) countries through the web. Emcees are well represented in the Baobabconnections network, and rapper Mr Devious is a South African correspondent.

    Read his article on gangsterism, poverty and globalization, and watch a 13- minute online video in which Devious and Shamiel take you around the townships of Cape Town to the musical backdrop of Devious, Roots Manuva and Ken Ring.

  • Article and video


  • JJC is a Nigerian hip hop artist living in the UK whose biography we recently added to our Nigeria pages. He's now about to explore another aspect of emceeing as the BBC has invited him to hosts shows on African music with special focus on African hip hop.

    The shows will be broadcast on Radio 1, the UK's No. 1 national radio station and 1xtra, Radio 1's digital black music station. JJC is currently researching for the shows and is looking for more African hip-hop. Good news for the many signed and unsigned artists out here is that they would like you to send in recordings to be played on the show.

    So burn your cd-r, record a tape, write a little bit about who you are, where you're from and what your music is all about, and send it to JJC (and a copy to us at Africanhiphop.com, as we are updating and will feature your work):

    PO Box 31876
    London SE17 2ZB

    JJC is also a producer, songwriter, rapper etc. - check out his profile at our site, visit his <a href="http://www.jjc2uk.com" target=_blank>official web or contact Ilka, tel: +44 79 0404 3365, e-mail ilka11@aol.com


    If you enjoy live hip hop, this month there's no better place to be than Cape Town. First in the 'Wondergigs' series of live broadcasts from the SABC studio, this month's theme is the Hiphoperation.
    A number of South African hip hop and spoken word acts are presented, including Hamma, Godessa, Moodphase5, Sky189, 5th Floor, Black Noise, Groundworks and more... Afribeat.com has the full picture and from their site you can actually tune in to the broadcasts as they happen! The preview interviews and reports are archived at the site.

    Jethro Louw from the Khoi Connection (picture): spoken word which links the cultural roots of the Khoi people with today's hip hop performance.

  • <a href="http://www.Afribeat.com" target=_blank>Check out Afribeat.com

    Then starting on the 17th of July is the African Hip Hop & Youth Indaba, a yearly event which presents Cape Town hip hop on all levels. The Indaba has workshops, competitions, showcases, movie screenings and more, presented in different venues in Grassy Park, Cape Town (the city), Good Hope Centre and Beach Road Studios.

  • Read the full program of the African Hip Hop Indaba


  • Das Primeiro is an emcee of Angolan origin. He raps in Portuguese and he distinguishes himself by being available for everyone. He produces his own beats but also works with other producers such as Mr. Bee, Right hand man and dj Precise of Postmen fame. He is about to drop a new single called 'Liberdade' of which you can hear a preview exclusively at this site.

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  • Canadian emcee Eye + Eye is one of the pioneering visitors to our website. He's been in touch since 1997 when this site was still called Rumba-Kali, and it was good to hear that he's finally set to drop his first official release.

    The rapper/producer/dj lived in Nigeria for ten years. He came to stay in several other parts of the world before settling in Canada. He developed his mic skills along with production capacities, and digging in the crates is one of his favorite pastimes. Influences include ATCQ and Fela Kuti.

    The current single 'Love.Life.Music', out on cd and soon on vinyl, is the first proof that his time practicing has been well spent.

  • Check out the full story and download the full track!


  • Sista Fedap is a new group in our Women emcees section. The three Tanzanian sisters are the youngest so far to be featured on our site, one of them being only two years old... obviously she can't drop long verses, but her 9 and 11 year old sisters are very fluent lyricists. They can take up the mic against any adult emcee - in fact they refer to well known female mc Sista P in one of their rhymes: 'Anakuja, anakuja, nani anakuja?'

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  • The new issue of Waxpoetics, the American quality magazine on hip hop and collecting breaks records, features an article on the hip hop scene in Tanzania by one of the Africanhiphop.com staff editors.
    The six pages 'Bongo Flava' story summarizes the history of rapping in Dar, Arusha and Zanzibar, and comes with some exclusive pics. It's the first time the Tanzanian hip hop scene is exposed to the American hip hop buying audience, and with Waxpoetics' reader base including top producers and emcees, this means much needed foreign exposure.

    A couple other reasons to get hold of a copy of Waxpoetics, which is in its second issue and already as popular as the legendary Grand Royal mag used to be:
    Well researched articles about producing pioneers such as Prince Paul (Stetsasonic/DeLaSoul), drummer Bernard Purdie (who created many original breakbeats in the 60's and 70's), a description of 20 of the most wanted hiphop records in the world, and more of that stuff.

    Take a look at the website, and if you are lucky enough to live in one of their supplied countries, check out Tower Records (USA) or your local hiphop store.

    Also see <a href="htp://www.waxpoetics.com" target=_blank>www.waxpoetics.com



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