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I am a hiphop artist and I want my news or biography included on your site!

Are you doing African hiphop? Our site is called so we deal only with hiphop made on the African continent, by Africans abroad or by artists who show a strong connection to Africa in their lyrics or performance. This means that we unfortunately do not have room to review cd's from groups in Baltimore, Tokyo etc. if their music doesn't have any reference to Africa.

So if you meet these criteria, we'll gladly include your info on this site. We are non-exclusive, so as long as you are serious about your music (not like you just decided to be a rapper this morning), we'll mention your crew on the appropriate page.

The editors do not have a lot of time to write your biography for you, so if you can send us a well written bio or interview, the chances we can put it up are greater.
You can mail us for more info, or send your crew's info directly. If you have your info in digital format (in e-mail, word document etc) then please don't send a print or photocopy only! It saves time if we can simply copy some of what you wrote.

We usually list the following info:

  • country of origin
  • name of crew/individual
  • group photograph
  • album cover image
  • names and years of released albums
  • short history of the group
  • country of origin
  • outline: what type of hiphop do you make, what are your lyrics about
  • future plans, upcoming releases
  • if you have already released a tape or cd: how can people order your music?
  • website or e-mail address
  • other contact info

    If you only have part of this info, you can still send it, we may be able to put it up. Please use the contact form to get in touch.
    You can also send the info through the post, use this postal address:
    P.o. Box 10804
    1001 EV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

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  • I am an artist, now upload my music!

    We are producing a monthly African Hip hop radio web cast at the new website <a href="" target=_blank>, in which various deejays from across the continent present their shows.

    Every month we feature the best tracks which artists can upload directly through the <a href="" target=_blank>Contribute page at You can upload an mp3 and if it's good enough we will add your track to the monthly Artist playlist!

    If you're experiencing trouble in uploading your music or you prefer to send us a cd or other product, please use the postal address:
    P.o. Box 10804
    1001 EV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

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