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Hip hop in the motherland: Countries & Crews

Click on a country to access the relevant articles in the Countries & Crews archive.
The archive contains all the stories we ran on the site since the late 90s. Some country pages are outdated but we are working on a new crews overview!

Pan African Hip Hop
Since the mid 90's, has been mapping the development of hip hop across the African continent. This map gives easy access to the country sections on the website.

Not all countries have been documented; the white spots need work.
In some cases clicking a country will take you to the links section as we haven't yet written any stories. If you have articles, biographies or other info that we should add, fill out the contact form. Be aware that currently (end 2007) we are not actively updating the biographies as we are working on a new database.

Other places where you may find what you are looking for: the News archive or the 200+ websites referred in the Africanhiphop Links.